February 25, 2021

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"Changing Lives, Improving Communities"

About Us

 “All Football, All Louisiana”

Louisiana Gridiron Football, LGF, was created to showcase all of the college and professional football teams in the state of Louisiana. Louisiana has some of the greatest football programs in the country, but due to the lack of media coverage they sometimes are overlooked. LGF intends to publicize all of this states programs in hopes that each program can continue to increase their team’s fan base. LGF believes that increased fan support means an increase in revenue for each program.

Why do we do what we do? At Louisiana Gridiron Football we feel passionately about football and its ability to reshape people’s lives.  Not only do exemplary football teams build up colleges and towns, but the right guidance from a good coach can drastically reshape a student’s way of thinking and life in general. More specifically our goals include: teaching athletes how to get to college, teaching athletes that there is more to playing football than meets the eye, and educating people about Louisiana football teams.


 Meet The Staff

Andrew Bryson Owner of LGF

Andrew Bryson developed Louisiana Gridiron Football after years in the football field as well as a lifetime following football in all its forms.  He had always dreamed of coaching and/or working in football.  Andrew has coached high school football, college football, minor league football, and a guest coach for the Canadian Football League (CFL) under Joe Womack former Assistant General Manager for the Hamilton Tigercats.  In 2011 he coached with the freshman Defensive backs  at Dutchtown High school as well as assisting with the varsity team.  Andrew Bryson was the first Intern for LSU Football Operations under Coach Sam Nader, Assistant Athletic Director-Director of Football Operations.  While there he helped with the Defensive Line during summer camps and in addition to daily football operations. He also served as a member of the LSU Recruiting Staff when they had a top five ranked recruiting class in the country.

After a brief stint as an assistant defensive line coach with Southeastern Louisiana University in 2013 he decided to create a company that promotes all twelve college football teams in the state of Louisiana.  Andrew nurtured and grew Louisiana Gridiron Football L.L.C. from one follower to over 29,000 followers.  Under his guidance LGF routinely gets over a million hits on Facebook daily and over 2.5 million on game days.  More recently his company has developed a monthly magazine which is available to purchase on our Facebook shop.  He maintains a commitment to both providing positive media coverage and giving back to the community as a whole.   Andrew has developed strong working relationships with all 12 college football teams in the state, and has become one of the few NFL insiders in the state.

While not working on his magazine, Bryson lives with his wife and dog.  Aside from football he enjoys fishing, camping, and building furniture.


Laura Norsworthy – Senior Editor


Laura Norsworthy is relatively new to the football field. She worked most of her life as a teacher and principal of elementary school aged children.  Her love of language and literature are what brought her to be a part of the LGF family.  She is an LSU alumni as well as a Southeastern alumni.  Laura works diligently to maintain the high quality of the monthly magazine.   When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her family: a husband, two daughters, two son-in-laws, one grandson, and a grand-dog.  She is also involved in various local charities including Family Promise which works with displaced families.  Laura is a great asset to the team here at LGF.



Kristen Bryson- Editor and Writer

Kristen Bryson fills in a lot of gaps here at LGF.  She writes articles, edits portions of the magazine, and works with the interns who regularly come to work with LGF.  Kristen is a graduate of LSU and started loving LSU football when she watched Glenn Dorsey play during her freshman year of undergraduate at LSU.  She is passionate about the growth and progress of student athletes.  Kristen works hard to encourage and nurture fresh young writers and football players alike.  In her free time Kristen likes drawing, reading, and playing with her black Labrador.


Jason Saucier- Staff Photographer

Jason is an Engineer by degree. His love of photography has allowed him to create a creative outlet from the technicality world. He is a self taught, serious amateur photographer who has been at it for 30 years. Sports is a new photographic adventure for him as most of his time has been traveling photographing his favorite outdoor places. He really enjoys the photographic freedom of digital photography.




Richard Hebert- Advertising and Business Development

Richard has over 20 years in the business world. Richard is also an Army veteran who served this country for 6 years on active duty.





Josh Sibley- H/S Scout and Writer

 Josh was a High School standout football player before joining the Army and serving as a medic. Since his return home, he has played and coached semi-pro football as well as Arena Indoor Football. Josh’s knowledge of the game has been a huge asset for a many young men that have found their way into the college ranks.



Kevin Empey- NFL Writer

 Kevin played football in both Jr. and Senior High School. He was a staff writer for California Yachts magazine and also wrote for Police Magazine. He coaches at the annual Hancock County Sheriff’s Pig Bowl and as a Green Bay Packers share holder holds a Supper Bowl ring.






Daila Weeks- College Reporter

Daila is a senior at LSU majoring in Sports Administration. This year she will cover and report on LA Tech and ULM football as well as writing articles and conducting interviews for Diamond in the Rough. Daila is interning with us this semester and career goals include becoming a collegiate sports broadcaster and/or writer.









What people are saying about LGF


“Thank you for all you have done for me” -Leonard Fournette

  “By advertising with LGF, I have seen a tremendous increase in my online activity” –Pat Jones

“We really appreciate all that LGF has done for our football program this season” –Louisiana College Athletic Department

“LGF is a real interesting company since they cover in-depth coverage of the game”-Matt Sullivan, Sport Information Director UL-Lafayette

“Thank you LGF for all you have done for La Tech Football this season”-La Tech Athletic Department

“LGF has done such a great job covering us, publicizing us, and helping fill our stadium this season” –Coach Brandon Lacy, Defensive Line Coach for the Southeastern Lions

“Thank you LGF for your support of Tulane Football”-Tulane Athletic Department

“Andrew Bryson, Owner of LGF, is an extremely hard worker and truly loves the game”-Sam Nader, Director of LSU Football Operations

“Thank you LGF for covering Northwestern”-Northwestern State Athletic Department

“Thank you for all LGF does for ULM Football” –ULM Athletic Department

“Ben Hall, LGF Director of Football Operations, has been a big help to our football program” –Christopher Jones, Southern Athletic Department

“Great up to the minute info, pictures, and interviews”-Rudy Pepper

“Good Info” –Mitchell Keen

LGF is rated as a 5 out of 5 stars by the fans